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Are you looking for an ISO-certified company and your business is situated here in the city of Rochester in New York, you can absolutely bank and count on us here at The ISO Pros to help you with it?

We’re experts when it comes to 30+ ISO standards and certifications, from ISO 9001 training and certification to pre-assessment audits, down to ISO 45001 and Food Safety ISO 22000, you can count on us!

But among all of the ISO standards, we are experts in, the most adept and the most skilled at we are in is ISO 45001.

ISO-45001-ISO-9001 rochester ny

Understanding What the ISO 45001 is All About

Before we get into it further, you first need to know what ISO 45001 all about it. It’s basically a standard otherwise known as the Occupational Health & Safety Management System or OHSMS. Basically, it is the international standard for companies and businesses in the occupational health and safety department.

You can think of it as the document that would help out and protect employees, visitors, as well as other people within the grounds of your establishment from diseases, work-related accidents, and other things of the sorts.

Getting certified in the ISO 45001 standard means that you have certain strategies, action plans, as well as policies that are directed towards the overall improvement and development of how your company or your business has the lives and the safety of the people in check.

Benefits of Getting ISO 45001 Certified

Here are some of the benefits and the advantages of becoming certified in the ISO 45001 standard:

  • Improved and fully-developed relationships with stakeholders and shareholders
  • Legal compliance
  • Overall customer satisfaction and customer experience
  • Global business reliability and trustworthiness
  • Reduced operating costs
  • And others!

These aren’t the only benefits and advantages you can get out of becoming ISO 45001 certified, you’ll be able to experience these when you start training, on your way to certification!

Implementation vs. Certification

A lot of people actually get confused whenever they hear the terms “implementation” from “certification.” But do you really know what it’s all about?

You can actually take it from its term alone, implementation is the act of your company implementing it; practicing whatever you have documented and whatever you came up with. Certification is the act of an authorized or certified legal body trained and skilled to perform certification.

Whether you’re looking for certification or implementation, you can absolutely bank and count on us here at The ISO Pros to help you with it!

Wherever you are in Rochester, NY, we’ll be able to help you with your needs!

All you have to do is to contact us via our hotline or via our email, we’ll be right with you!

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