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Do you know and fully understand what the CMMI is? Are you aware of this particular certification? If not, then you’re just on the right page! Because one way or another, you might be in need of this particular certification!

Herewith us at The ISO Pros, we will be helping you in terms of getting certified in the CMMI. Whether you need initial training, development, down to implementation, certification, and to the registration of the document, we’re just a call or an email away!

CMMI-certified iso 9001 rochester ny

What is the CMMI?

The CMMI, the acronym for the Capability Maturity Model Integration is a model that helps and assists companies in terms of determining their company or organization’s performance. It has a total of five (5) different maturity levels each pertaining to a specific set of processes that organizations must master.

Developed by the Software Engineering Institute at the Carnegie Mellon University, it’s something that many businesses are using, especially those that utilize computer software and programs.  

In further explanation, becoming certified in the CMMI can help you understand the following questions pertaining to your company:

  • How would we know that we are improving?
  • How would we know the areas and the things we’re good at?
  • How would we know that our products are in their best statuses and conditions?
  • How would we know that the change we had in requirements is useful?

Purpose of the CMMI

Overall, the idea of the CMMI is to help businesses achieve business goals that are measurable or short-term, developing them in order to become a long-term solution; helping and assisting in building better products, keeping clients and customers happy and satisfied, and ensuring that your company is functioning or is working efficiently and effectively.

Five (5) Capability Levels

You can easily identify and further understand the five (5) different capability and maturity levels under the CMMI program through the following:

Unpredictable processes that are poorly controlled and are reactive. It’s dubbed and tagged as the “Performed” stage or level.

This level has procedures that are specified for projects and are often reactive, but not 100%. It’s deemed to be the “Managed” level.

Level 3 pertains to the procedures that are specified and characterized to the business or the organization and proactive rather than reactive. “Defined” is the usual title for this.

Next, the 4th level is where the processes and procedures are measured and controlled – and it’s known as the “Quantitatively Managed” phase.

Lastly, the 5th level or the “Optimizing” level is the stage wherein the business focuses on improvement.

Here in Rochester, NY, you can rely on the expertise and the mastery of our professionals at The ISO Pros to help you with the certification of CMMI.

You can trust us to help you from training – down to the legitimate and the final certification needed. Contact us now and get the best and the highest quality of CMMI training and certification!

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