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Nowadays, becoming engaged in the Aviation, Space, and Defense (ASD) industry requires more than just skill and experience. Because of the scams and the misfits that happen in the ASD world, organizations have been formed to fully help determine quality and reliability.

Should you be a business that’s part of the ASD industry and you’re looking to get AS9100 certification, you’ve come to the right page at the perfect time!

We here at The ISO Pros, considered as the best, the most trusted, and the most sought after in the whole of Rochester, New York, are prepared and always ready to trust you!

AS9100-ISO-certified iso 9001 rochester ny

What Exactly is the AS9100 Standard?

In order to fully understand what this is, the AS9100 standard is a specific quality management standard for businesses and organizations in the ASD industry.

It includes all companies that are involved in the planning, designing, developing, and providing of aviation, space, and defense products and services to businesses and clients. Whether it’s for the parts, services, or components – they’re all included!

Some of the well-known benefits of being AS9100 certified include the reduction or the complete elimination of requirements, the effective and efficient implementation of a QMS, the development of practices within a company for a more stable and better future, and a wider application and observation of good practices.

AS9100 Changes

Since 2016, a lot of factors have been changed and modified in the AS9100 standard. Through a series of changes, a lot of companies and organizations had to redo and renew their licenses and certifications.

NOTE: Certifications only last about three (3) years, if yours is outdated, you might want to consider getting a renewal.

While these changes alarmed many organizations, they were actually minor, but they still held impacting factors in ASD businesses and companies.

If you’re looking to expand your ability to do business in the ASD sector, or you’re looking for ways on how you can improve and fully develop your QMS and mitigate risk, getting the AS9100 (its latest version) is what you need!

Where You Can Get AS9100 Certification

 Here in the city of Rochester, New York, you’ll find tens of certifying bodies. But, if you just want to work with the best and the most trusted, then fret not – work with us here at The ISO Pros!

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