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Are you in search of a business or an organization that can help you with the ISO 20000 certification? Do you yearn to work with the most trusted, the most sought after, and the most requested ISO standard certification body?

If ever you find yourself in need of one, always put in mind that we at The ISO Pros are considered as Rochester, NY’s most sought-after organization when it comes to ISO training sessions, certifications, and audits.

But are you aware of what the ISO 20000 really beholds?

iso 20000 certified rochester ny

Understanding What the ISO 20000 Is?

To put it simply, ISO 20000 is the world’s most recognized international standard describing the best, the most efficient, and the most effective IT service management for businesses and companies.

Quite arguably, it is the standard that businesses follow all throughout the globe. The goal of this specific standard is to be able to help, assist, and evaluate how effective businesses, companies, and organizations deliver their services and actions, as well as how they produce products.

ITIL vs. ISO 20000

ITIL, short for the Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a collection of detailed practices, rules, and regulations for ITSM. While both the ITIL and the ISO 20000 hover on the same boat, they’re not the same.

The world-renowned ISO 20000 is a standard; it is a code of practice that always needs to be observed and abided by, by businesses and organizations. On the other hand, ITIL is like the graph or the collection of the best practice framework. It’s like what you can use to help you on your way to the top, but it’ll just be internally.

Mastering and being able to properly implement the rules, regulations, and practices in the ISO 20000 will be able to help and award you with certification. With ITIL, it wouldn’t have anything – it’s just guidance or a set of factors, rules, and practices that are best.

Guide in Getting ISO 20000 Certified

Are you looking to have one of your people and staff members become an ISO 20000 expert? Do you want your entire company to practice, and eventually, implement the best and the most sought-after requirements in the standard?

Wherever you might be here in Rochester, NY, you can bank and count on us at The ISO Pros to help you with it.

Unlike other certification and auditing bodies, our company wouldn’t focus on giving you a hard time. Instead, we will be working with you hand-in-hand to help you achieve the certification and the registration you’re looking for.

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